The Importance of Demand Survey in Housing

Most of the organizations or societies working for welfare of a certain segment in the arena of housing, conduct Demand Surveys for assessing the viability of a project at a given location, to assess and evaluate the feasibility of launching a new housing scheme, by ascertaining its legal status as well as future prospects. In fact, Demand Surveys ensure that participants get an opportunity of buying a good quality house, in an upcoming area, with modern amenities and facilities, and that too at a genuine price, which is less than the existing market price of that

Regular Demand Surveys are conducted in various parts of India by many organizations and societies working for the welfare of defense services personnel and their families such as AFOWO (Armed Forces Officials Welfare Organization), AWHO (Army Welfare Housing Organization), AFNHB (Air Force Naval Housing Board) etc, besides some societies for other departments like IRWO (Indian Railway Welfare Organization),  CGEWHO (Central Government Employees Welfare Housing Organization) etc.

According to Gp Capt Yudhvir Talwar (Retd), President of AFOWO, which has been credited with delivering many prestigious housing schemes in Delhi-NCR and other locations, “Due care and diligence is exercised in conducting a preliminary Demand Survey at various locations before finalizing to launch a project. All aspects including location, legal status, amenities in the vicinity, scope for appreciation, etc are taken into account to arrive at the best option for a project”.

Moreover, through the Demand Survey the number of personnel desirous of acquiring a dwelling unit at the proposed location is also assessed and ascertained. Demand Survey takes into account all parameters desirable for a housing project, including its location, proximity to essential facilities like markets, schools, hospitals as well as other public conveniences. Development in the vicinity of the proposed scheme is also taken into consideration, as it is a major factor towards future appreciation in value of the project.

Participants of a Demand Survey need to fill up an application form and deposit a token amount (generally refundable) as commitment money to the society. After the Demand Survey is complete, the participants are provided with all the details of the proposed scheme, including its layout, features, sizes of various configurations, price per sq. ft, payment plans etc. If satisfied with all of the above, the participants can book a unit in the launched scheme, while in the event of being uninterested, can apply for withdrawal from the scheme.

In the present day scenario, wherein many private builders have failed to honor their commitments, resulting in loss of hard earned money of an average person, most of the home buyers seem to have lost trust in these builders. In these circumstances, Demand Survey has emerged as a viable option for home buyers, who can rest assured of getting a good house at genuine prices, as these organizations and societies work for their welfare and benefit.

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    i want to purchase a 2 bhk flat/builder floor in ghaziabad/gr noidia. my budget approx 25-30 lac. kindly inform me through email.

  2. Truly informative. Hopefully you can discuss more on the Smart house design and advancements using the latest available gadget

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